The Taurus Story

"Profitable Genetics"

Over 40 Years Providing Profitable Genetics 
to Dairymen around the World.

Taurus Headquarters          

Taurus Service Inc., headquartered in northeastern Pennsylvania, (Wyoming County) is now over their 42nd year of successful business. Taurus' slogan is "Profitable Genetics". To a worldwide clientele, Taurus Service markets and distributes frozen Bovine semen from over two hundred Taurus Code 76 bulls. The active proven sire line-up of Taurus Code 76 sires numbers fifty bulls. In addition to sires controlled by the company, semen is marketed from other A.I. companies. A large group of bulls await official genetic evaluation. Only the best sires in this group will enter the active proven line-up in the future. In the US semen is available from Taurus Sires, Browndale Specialty Sires, Foundation Sires, New Zealand Genetics and many specialty sires.

A PROUD TRADITION AND A BRIGHT FUTURE - Taurus Service Inc. has remained a strong, growing, independent A.I. company. Dick Witter states, "people do business with people," and feels the strongest asset Taurus has is the "Taurus family." In this day of A.I. mergers, Witter says there is a need for their company. From the beginning, Taurus has been the stud that stuck with the cow-sense philosophy. Taurus' proof is in the performance of their bulls. It's real proof, not just paper proof. This cow-sense philosophy begins with the understanding that there is no perfect bull. Witter states, "Taurus is proud of our accomplishments in these first thirty years, and we look forward to providing dairymen around the world with profitable genetics into the future."

COMPANY BACKGROUND - Taurus Service Inc. was founded by Dick Witter early in 1971. Paul Dann and Herb Steele became stockholders and directors along with Dick Witter when the company was formally incorporated. Dick Witter, President of Taurus, began marketing semen as Taurus Service Inc. on June 15, 1971. Taurus originally started as a semen distributor in northeast Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

In 1973, Paul Dann joined the company as a Representative, at which time Taurus expanded its marketing area to include all of Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. At this time, Taurus included distribution from other A.I. companies. Taurus also started importing semen from Canada. Taurus Service was the first U.S. semen marketing organization to develop distributorship agreements with individual Canadian A.I. companies. Herb Steele started working for Taurus Service in 1978. By the mid 1980's, Taurus was importing semen from every stud in Canada. Starting in the 70's, Taurus offered A.I. training schools and trained hundreds of dairymen to inseminate their own cows. Taurus started progeny testing Holstein bulls in 1973 and now samples 25 Holstein bulls, 4 Red & White Holstein bulls, 3 Ayrshire bulls, 1 Brown Swiss bull, 1 Guernsey bull and is currently expanding a Taurus Jersey Sire program. A cooperator P.T. program named TAP (Taurus Affiliated Progeny Herd) was started in 1990for Holstein herds. U.S. dairymen can qualify for semen at 1/2 price or free semen and earn credits and discounts, plus Taurus pays for SET (Sire Evaluation Type) for daughters of Holstein bulls classified in the U.S.

Truck routes with sales representatives cover most areas in the northeast and parts of the mid-west United States. Taurus Service has always maintained a team of independent dealer / technicians. There are a concentrated number of dealers and technicians in the east with dealers located in most major dairy areas of the United States. Several major key distributors market Taurus semen in specific geographic areas of the country.

Northeast & Mid-West Area Sales Reps

Dick Witter
East Central NY, All NJ
717-250-1399 - cell
Herb Steele
Northeast PA
Frank Francisco
Central NY
315-730-3287 - cell
Andy Foster
Central PA
814-935-0035 - cell
Josh Sanders
MD, DE Parts of VA & WV
South Central PA
732-406-4949 - cell
Denny Buth
Western MI
231-638-3103 - cell
David Reynolds
Northern & Eastern NY & Northern New Eangland
607-434-5062 - cell
Walter Pyle
Southern New England
530-592-5297 - cell
Jeremy Totzke
North Central WI
715-571-0096 - cell
Al White
East Central WI
920-296-1482 - cell
Chris Richards
South West & West Central WI
608-341-7472 - cell
David Kendall
608-346-1605 - cell
Mark Devitt
Western OH, Northern IN & Southern MI
937-441-5801 - cell
Tim O'Neill
Western NY, Western PA, Eastern OH
716-238-5957 - cell
Tom McCarty
Central East PA
570-337-4433 - cell
Rinell Vincent
All US Distributors
570-954-1317 - cell
All Other Areas
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Our Staff


President & General Manager Dick Witter
Vice President, 
Operations & Distribution Manager
John Witter
Director of Genetic Development David Kendall
Sales Manager Rinell Vincent
Office Manager Wendy Carey
Accounting Beth Herwig
Office Staff Darlene Faust
Kim Severcool
Production Manager Herb Steele
Laboratory Kathy Sands
Herdsmen Craig Faux
Jim McKenney
Gary Burke 
Veterinarian Service Rome Vet Center
Donn W Laudermilch, VMD


FACILITIES - In 1995 a building addition was completed, allowing the corporate office to be moved to the same location as the Stud and Laboratory facilities. 

The main bull barn at Taurus built in 1982, can house forty-six bulls. There is a separate isolation barn for incoming bulls. Bulls are brought into the isolation barn for initial health testing before they can be admitted to the main barn. Taurus Service is a federally accredited tuberculosis and brucellosis free stud facility. The stud is qualified to process semen for all European Community Countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand. Passing the rigid health testing standards imposed by the EC qualifies Taurus to export semen to every country in the world.

A third barn at Taurus can house up to twelve additional bulls. Each year, after sires are progeny tested, some are returned to farms or other locations for housing, pending outcome of official genetic evaluations. Normally about seventy five Taurus bulls are housed at locations other than the Mehoopany stud.

Dear Dairyman,

Yes, we are different. We hope you will recognize this as you are reviewing our web site, the sires we offer and our bull stud -- Taurus has your profits in mind.

Our cow sense, common sense philosophy has dictated the kind of sires we have, programs we offer and our practical business sense. It is our goal to help you breed a better herd of cows. Dairymen around the corner or around the world may have different ideas about how or what sires may fulfill their dreams and help them maintain a solid business producing milk and breeding cattle. You will find a wide selection of great genetics at Taurus to fit your program and breed better, more profitable cows with the ability to last additional lactations!

Taurus offers sires for real PROFITS! We select from the best, true breeding cow families for sires that can breed balanced cattle that are efficient feed converters and have the strength and stamina to be more profitable. You will find more excellent, high production cows that are Gold Medal Dams (GMD) and Dams of Merit (DOM) in the pedigrees of Taurus sires.

As we enter our 36th year, Taurus has a great line-up of  "Profitable Gernetics".  Taurus Semen is available around the world. There are continual opportunities for representatives and dealers in the US and agents or distributors in other countries. Please contact Taurus if you have interest.

Please study the offering included herein, select the kind of sire you wish and contact your Taurus representative for semen that is at the best value and highest quality available.

U.S. Dairymen may order by calling Toll Free 1-800-836-5123 or EMAIL: Be sure to consider our very reasonable semen prices. Specials are often available and volume discounts may be negotiated. Taurus can ship direct to your farm via UPS or Fed-Ex. Free shipping is available on qualified orders.